Please read carefully the entire document containing the regulation for Sibiu Jazz Competition.

On this page you will find the full version of the regulation for the Sibiu Jazz Festival Competition. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


The "Sibiu Jazz" Competition is open to all young people, regardless of nationality, born after November 1st, 1985, who are younger than 33 or at the age of 33 years old.

The line-up of the bands must have a majority of musicians who respect the specified age limit.

All materials related to the participation in the Sibiu Jazz Competition will be sent until Monday, 22nd October 2018. Failure to meet this deadline will entail the elimination of the candidate.

The results of the selection will be published on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018.

By applying to the competition, each candidate accepts the present regulation. The participant must be free from any obligations during the competition.

Adding other members after registration for the contest is prohibited without the consent of organizers. Any change in the registration form will be communicated at least seven (7) days in advance. Changes after this date will not be accepted.

Applications are filled online on the website*:

The Form has more parts. Once one is filled, the next one will appear on the screen. Please fill both parts so we can validate the application.


The two sections of the competition are:

1. Interpretation: the musical qualities of the candidate is evaluated in general, its cohesion, its stage presence.

2. Composition: the values and the originality of each group's own compositions are evaluated. There will not be considered original compositions, the improvisations made on the basis of known themes.

All the candidates participating to this competition are submitted in the interpretation section, in case they want to participate to the composition section with a musical piece, it is necessary to specify this in the application form and on the stage, before the interpretation of the song.

The organizer reserves the right to impose the timing for each participant as follows:

Band - maximum 20 minutes

Solo artist - maximum 15 minutes


 The Interpretation Section:

The best band 1500 Euro

The best instrumentalist: 500 Euro

The best vocalist: 500 Euro

Composition Section:

Award for best composition: 500 Euro


The prizes can be cumulated

The awards will be announced after the final round of the competition in the Award Gala, on Sunday, 4th November 2018

The prizes are worth a total of approximately 5000 Euro (including tax)


The jury is comprised of specialists appointed by the organizer.

The evaluation criteria of the jury are:

style / interpretation


technique / diction / articulation


impact on the audience

The jury reserves the right not to award prizes if the performance of the participants is modest. All decisions are final and not subject to appeal.


1. The organizer - Sibiu Jazz Festival Foundation

The organizer provides accommodation and meals for participants and for the staff who accompanies them. Participants are entitled to up to two people representing supporting staff (driver, teacher, organizer, manager, etc.).

The organizer provides also: sound/lights equipment, qualified staff (sound engineer, lights engineer, stage technician) drum set, acoustic and / or electric piano, keyboards, double bass.

The organizer is obliged to send the final program via e-mail and also to post it online (on Facebook: and the official website:, 7 days before the contest.

The organizer will record the performances and send a copy to each participant upon request.

The organizer reserves the right to use the material (photo, audio, video etc) recorded during the Competition and the Award Gala.

2. Participants

It is compulsory for the winners to attend the Award Gala, on Sunday, 12th November 2017. The winners will perform in the Gala.

By participating in the competition, the participants give up the copyrights for the recordings from the competition.

Transport costs are supported by the participants.

Delay or failure in respecting the program established by the organizer will result in disqualification of the participant, who will be obliged to support all the costs related to his presence in Sibiu.

Participants will respect strictly the program required by the organizers.

During the three days of Sibiu Jazz Competition, participants are not allowed to perform in other areas, except those dedicated to the Competition and to Sibiu Jazz Festival.

Note: This Regulation may be amended only with the prior consent of the organizers.